"I have trained for this day, and I won't be waylaid by a little taste of death."
- Lara Yule Singh

Two points in the cosmos merged. From that union was born Lara Yule Singh. As a child, she was bright, sweet, sensitive, and curious. But as she grew into a young woman, her life became more and more painful, eventually spinning out of control. Shortly after completing her Music Studies at Grant MacEwan University, she was working as a telemarketer and had a massive panic attack in the office. Unsure what to do, she locked herself in one of the bathroom stalls and cried out to the universe, "Please help me!" And, to her astonishment, a voice spoke saying, "Help is coming." This was the beginning of her unravelling.

For years the unravelling continued, until all that was left of Lara's interior, was a tiny root mass. Broken, but with tender tenacity, she watered and fed the roots, and eventually a tiny sprout emerged. Then, the sprout grew leaves! And a tiny bud! When the time was right, she plucked the little flower. To her surprise, another grew, which she plucked and gave away. In time, this plant bloomed a thousand blooms, each flower more bright and beautiful than the last, until one day....the blooms became sound, and the sound became music, and the music became...Interdimensional Folk Tales. 

"An experimental folk journey that is as relaxing as a warm bath." Jamie Reinhart - Vue Magazine

“A gem...extra lovely. She paints these pictures with her songs that are so completely, immediately ear-catching. It's like she's a welcoming committee saying come in, come in.”  Luka Symons - CKUA Radio Network

"Delightfully quirky. Lara Yule Singh is here to remind us about the pure, childlike joys of music." Sandra Sperounes - The Edmonton Journal