Lara Yule Singh
Interdimensional Folk Tales

"A gem...extra lovely. She paints these pictures with her songs that are so completely, immediately ear-catching. It's like she's a welcoming committee saying come in, come in; which I love...very inviting."
- Luka Symons, CKUA Radio

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Atmospheric, futuristic folk cinema; Lara Yule Singh's new musical direction is not just melodies and hooks, but subtly theatrical, sci-fi song tales, whispered and wailed in Lara's bold yet vulnerable way. The Canadian songstress is diving deep into writing and recording a new album of polished, and some refreshingly unpolished gems, that will gently tug your ear and warmly invite you, "like a welcoming committee, saying come in, come in" (Luka Symons - CKUA Radio).

Heartful yet mysterious lyrics, invite the listener to come out and play, to discover and explore inner territory like new planets; magical places we've had glimpses of and long to see more of. Not everything here is as it seems; warm, visceral, thoughtful, and adventurous, but with unflinchingly honest observations about herself and the world around her. Musically, Lara is "bright, sunny, and quirky" (Sandra Sperounes - Edmonton Journal), but is now spreading her proverbial wings to include a full span of folk, avante-garde, old school cinema, touches of musical theatre, and blues/rock.

Since her first solo performance in May of 2005, Lara has been honing her craft. Having played 100s of shows across Canada, she has developed into a sensitive, articulate performer. Lara has performed at many festivals, including Fred Eaglesmith's Southern Ontario Picnic, South Country Fair, North Country Fair, Night of Artists, Homefest, Pembina River Nights, and The Works. She has opened for Gaye Delorme, shared stage and tour van, with friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Alexia Melnychuk, and been featured on CBC Radio, CKUA Radio, Breakfast Television, and in Alternative Trends Magazine, to name a few.

Performance Reviews

The last time I saw Lara perform, I brought two friends with me. Never before had I seen them be so attentive to an artist, or gush more afterwards. Their reaction is testimony to Lara's compelling delivery and engaging lyrics. As for me, her lyrics and her voice stayed (and still stay) with me long after the performance was over.
Lara Yule Singh at Remedy Cafe – Ted Kerr (freelance photographer/journalist)

Lara's quirky lyrics complement a unique vocal style that is both poignant and playful. Her arrangements apply a very personal touch to covers, and the melodies of her own songs have a way of endearing themselves into the listener's memory.
Lara Yule Singh at Blue Chair Cafe – Harold Wollin (owner of cafe)

Points of Interest

*first album "Something In the Still" released in May 2006, peaked in the top 10 on CKUA Radio/campus stations across Canada, and #1 on CJSR Radio
*second album "The Great Divine" released in April 2008, reached #1 on the CKUA/CJSR Radio charts, and the top 10 on National campus radio stations
*won 2nd place in the 2017 Cari Cole Step Up practice hours competition
*won honourable mention in the 2017 Cari Cole Step Up Songwriting competition
*received a personal invitation from Fred Eaglesmith, to perform at his Southern Ontario Picnic
*graduated from the Grant MacEwan University music program
*sang backup vocals with the Joel Kroeker Collective

*received 2nd place in "The Best of the Backdraft" competition

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