Lara Yule Singh is a philosopher, musician, and writer who was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1975. Over the last 20 years, Lara has known and awakened to a deeper reality. Through much digging, inquiry, and insatiable thirst for more, she has earned what she now lives in - a deeper body of reality. Lara now holds a space for others to explore the meaning of life. She hosts one on one meetings, in person (in Edmonton, Canada) and online; workshops and other intimate gatherings. For her, there is only one purpose to her life - total givenness to profound honesty. If you would like to connect with Lara either in a group or solo setting, please use the contact form below.


At the age of 19, Lara was in a downward spiral. Having been raised in a dogmatic, rigid, Christian environment - where disobedience meant bruises; her parents divorced when she was 11 years old. Her well-meaning mother couldn’t rein her wild, adventurous daughter in and Lara left home at the age of 16. Lara saw the dysfunction of her family’s structures, and the many fallacies of the world around her. Truth was an obsession and she longed for more.


At 19, Lara was accepted into the music program at Grant MacEwan Unversity in Edmonton. Throughout her 3 years there, the downward spiral continued, until at the age of 23, in a bathroom stall at her telemarketing job, she had an anxiety attack. In that moment, Lara cried out from inside and begged for help. A voice responded saying, “Help is coming.” 


Music was a solace throughout, a way to express the longing for meaning; and as meaning became Lara’s way, music more and more became the expression of that. 


At the age of 23, Lara met her husband to be, Baba Singh. It was a most unusual pairing, but one thing was clear, she knew he was her husband. In conjunction with this meeting, she also met the philosopher, John DeRuiter. After attending one of his meetings she said simply, “Everything he said was true.” She had found her heart’s longing, the truth embodied in another human being. “I must turn into that,” she said. And though it took years of mistakes and learning, Lara one pointedly committed to giving her life totally to truth, and nothing else.


In 2001, Lara and Baba were married. Although there was a golden thread of goodness in their marriage, life on the surface was often like hell on earth for Lara. She became pregnant in 2001, and within months, learned that she was pregnant with cancer (an invasive molar pregnancy). There was no viable fetus. After 7 months of chemotherapy, Lara was declared cancer free. This was only the beginning. The shock of cancer, her new marriage and the difficult reality that it brought, meeting John, losing a baby, living in a sick house, letting go of life as she knew it all led to severe insomnia. Lara became chronically ill for the next 17 years.


This extreme difficulty, had Lara digging ever deeper inside for the truth she knew and loved. She could live in hell on earth. It was okay. But it made it no less difficult. Every time she gave her open heart to what she loved most - honesty revealed itself and a real foundation began to develop inside; a foundation of direct knowledge, not acquired from the world as we know it, but known and seen directly, in openness and softness of heart. 


Now, Lara is available to meet you. Through quiet connection, she invites you to the tiny voice inside that knows what is real. That voice we so often squelch, in favour of strength, coping, beliefs, ideas, judgements. People who meet with Lara in this intimacy, come into a depth of profound knowing and seeing, opening the opportunity of a lifetime - to fully live in what you know. Let your love of honesty have your life. That’s what it’s for.




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